Syria Prayer Gathering

19th - 23rd November, Damascus in Syria

”Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and will raise up the age-old foundations; You will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings.”
– Isaiah 58:12

This coming autumn, there will be a historic gathering of Bishops, Pastors and Leaders from different denominations coming together for the first time in history. We believe that out of the ashes, God is bringing not only beauty, but unity in the Body of Christ in Syria.
The global body will join hands and hearts to stand in alignment with the Lord for our Syrian family in their hour of need, to lift up their arms with love and as one body.

Syria, the cradle of Christianity, the land of the first church fathers and the nation that has  birthed revelations is now bringing forth new glories of the Crucified and the Risen Christ.
Even though there were spiritual warfare and atrocities attempting to destroy the land, death has no power over the destinies of the world as God is holding it in His hands.
The blood of the martyrs, which has flowed and penetrated the land of Syria in recent years will eventually bear fruits of Christ’s love and glory. His Church, the Bride of Christ, carries within herself the hope of this glory (Col. 1:27).

The time has come for life and beauty to come out of these ashes. We will share the beauty of Christ with His Church in Syria and praise His name. The coming together of the various Christian denominations; Orthodox, Catholic and Evangelical churches in Damascus in November 2019 will reveal the beauty and their spiritual treasures through their diversity. We believe that this gathering will rise as a fragrance unto our Lord. (Rom.8:19).

Join us and join the Church in Syria this coming November, for through the love and unity of His people, the world will come to the knowledge of God (John 17: 22-23).  Spiritual leaders from various nations will come together to raise the arms of the church of  Syria and to celebrate this oneness.

The prayer gathering will take place from 19th-23rd November 2019, departing on 24th November 2019. There will also be a tour around Damascus area from 16th-19th November 2019 prior to the conference.

For more details and information of this gathering and the three day tour in Damascus, please email us at

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