About Father’s House for all Nations

The Vision
FHN’s vision is to provide a safe haven and a spiritual womb for destinies of individuals, ministries and nations to incubate, incorporate and align with our Father to birth forth and receive from Him according to His perfect will on earth as it is in Heaven. A place to meet the Father and to meet one another, getting in touch with oneself and with the Holy Spirit through personal retreats, quiet times, corporate gatherings and equipping events.

As such, FHN will be a place where:

  • Nations will come together to pray, seek His face and align with the steps He has purposed and released in accordance to His spiritual timeline
  • Leaders will be prepared and equipped for the Apostolic and Prophetic move of God through events and teachings
  • Individuals from the body will find spiritual retreat and restoration for their body, mind, soul and spirit
  • The vision of Isaiah 19 will be integrated and grafted in
  • Germany and Europe will hear the sound of the trumpet and begin to gather to fulfil His purposes and plans
  • We will seek to incorporate an atmosphere to be a dwelling place for His presence

To find out more about what is taking place and what FHN is providing at the monastery ground, click here

The Call
The Lord is raising up an army of people from the nations, positioning each person in their specific and strategic role as He simultaneously downloads His blueprint to fortify and mobilize His plans and purposes for the critical season we are living in until His second coming.

With parallel events taking place both spiritually and naturally, we have been witnessing how the Lord is moving in an exponential speed, with many feeling the urgency of the hour.

We are constantly in prayer and discernment with leaders, intercessors and through different “vehicles” in which the Lord is revealing His plans and strategies as we are witnessing prophecies unfolding through the scriptures in real time both in the natural and spiritual realm.