The Monastery – Kloster Altenhohenau

My Journey with Obtaining the Monastery
– Fadi Krikor

Around 2013, the Lord spoke to me saying, "Buy a monastery!"

After pondering over these words, I decided to contact a real estate agent here in Germany where I live to see if there is indeed a monastery for sale even though the idea was kind of far fetched for my mind even though my spirit resonated with those words.

To my amazement, there was indeed a monastery for sale, and to my further amazement, it’s less than half an hour from where I live!

As my brother and I stepped into the compounds of the monastery, immediately I had the impression, "Yes, this is it!" even though the natural circumstances of having more than 20 perspective buyers gave us very little hope of obtaining it, especially with Catholic organizations amongst them!

Our hopes were further reduced after the conversation we had with Sister Gloria, the mother of the Dominican Order, as she looked rather perplexed when my brother and I could not give her a concept on what we would like to use this 800 year old monastery for, it was one of the most important factor for the monastery to be sold!

After several months, a miracle took place, Sister Gloria contacted us and shared this with us, "250 sisters in the US and Mexico were praying during the last 3 months, and we have clearly heard from the Lord that we should sell the monastery to the Krikor brothers!"

Even with no concept, the Lord have spoken that the monastery was to be sold to us, the Lord indeed has a concept and a purpose, and through several prophetic words and revelations, FHN was birthed soon after.

Here is a short video clip and some pictures of the monastery, may the Lord continue to use it for His glory!

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