Our Story

We are living in significant times where the earth is groaning with birth pangs in convergence with the spiritual alignment on Earth as it is in Heaven, to birth forth His unctions and to fulfil the pre-ordained destinies in nations and the prophecies in the holy scriptures.

There has been an urgency in the spiritual realm as He has sounded the alarm to gather His army and the watchmen, and the Global Bride is making herself ready, more so now than ever.

As such, the urgency we felt in recent years has been picking up momentum in lightning fast speed with the call to prepare and present the Global bride for the coming King and Groom, without spot or wrinkle, ready, radiant and full of His glory.

After 10 years of serving the Bride of Christ in Germany and calling her to walk in unity, alignment and love, the Lord led us in the year 2014 in a miraculous way to buy the monastery as the Holy Spirit led the sisters of the Dominican order to sell it to us.

At the same time, the Lord expanded our spirits to receive His heart for the nations and to receive a greater understanding of the calling, mandates and strategies He has placed in the nations in conjunction with highway 19 (Isaiah 19:22-25), in that Egypt, Assyria and Israel will be an end time move of God, along with the nations respectively.

Interestingly, the Lord has been speaking to Fadi Krikor personally and from various prophetic words that his calling and mandate stems from the very roots of his bloodline and birthplace.
Born to an Arabic mother and Armenian father in Aleppo Syria, Fadi migrated to Germany at the age of 18 years old.

Fadi has been walking in the calling of his bloodline, working and serving the Syrian and other Arabic speaking refugees in Germany and in other nations, bringing the gospel and establishing churches among former Muslims. He also believes and supports China’s ‘Back to Jerusalem’ calling as one of the powerful weapons that God is using to fulfil the mandate of Isaiah 19.

Fadi’s heart is also to encourage the family of God in nations to walk in unity and love, and to aid them to receive their unique calling from the Lord in boldness and in strategic steps.

Fadi and his wife Nicole reside in Germany and have two adult children Rahel and Noah.